Thomas L. Baird

thomas baird

Thomas (Tom) L. Baird, 78, of Broomfield, Colorado passed away in his home on March 9th, 2020.  He is survived by his wife Linda, and two daughters,  Jacqueline and Rebecca. He is also survived by his two son-in-laws, three grandchildren, his older sister Mary Hubbard, his twin sister Patricia Vincent, younger brother Mike Baird and their families.  Tom was of great support to his family and would do anything for us.  Tom worked as a pharmaceutical sales manager until his retirement in his 60's. He enjoyed his colleagues very much, he was a great mentor and friend to those he worked with in the pharmaceutical field. Tom was not one to sit still and do nothing during retirement, he quickly took on the role of "handyman" building and fixing things for family, friends and clients.  As he aged his body demanded a job that was less strenuous so he took a job driving cars for Avis.  He really enjoyed his time with his Avis co-workers, they shared stories, political views and current events.  Many of his co-workers at Avis became great friends.  Tom will be greatly missed by his family, friends and colleagues. Services for Tom are yet to be determined to due current events. 



The way I always think of my Dad is a strong, funny, stubborn, helpful, outdoorsy guy. He was kind to anyone and would help anyone. You knew he would always be there. 


My favorite memories were of us hiking together. I remember him going on backpacking trips when I was little and the slides that he would show us upon his return. He loved the outdoors and challenging himself physically. I so wanted to be there, it was beautiful and he was having so much fun. So when I was 12 he took me. It was something I've always thought about and cherished.  We went backpacking together 3 more times when I was a kid. When I was an adult he and my Mom would take the dogs hiking almost every weekend. He was probably 52 and would run back and forth up and down the mountain with my dog. They both had to be in front. This is how I will always remember you Dad. Strong and running up a mountain. 


-Jackie (Daughter)


Thank you Grandpa for teaching me to ride a bike. I will miss having hamburgers with you. I love you. 

-Asher (Grandson)


I don’t know how to start, thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us. Thanks for being a great dad, granddad, husband, friend, and brother. Anyone who knew you was very lucky to, for you were one of the wisest, funniest, and kindhearted people I knew. Thanks for fixing/building everything for us when we couldn’t, and helping in any way you could. We’re all missing you a ton, Grandpa.


-Claire (Granddaughter) 


Dad, thinking of how many lives you touched, supported and improved in your lifetime is amazing. You were always there to offer a helping hand, a listening ear and a smile.  Your time here on Earth was well spent and we miss you dearly.  Here’s to meeting again and sharing one of your favorites, bacon wrapped SPAM.


-Becky (Daughter)


I stared up the ladder. The top sat against the top of the house, like, I dunno, 25 or 30' up there, and it was gently bouncing in the wind.

I don't remember what it was that I actually had to do up there any more, but I sure remember the bottom-falls-out feeling while sizing up the climb. I was about to risk my bacon on this rickety old ladder, wayyyyyy up there.


“Yeah, um... I don't think I'm gonna do that.”


Becky was noticeably irritated that I was not already at the top.“OK, don't worry about it. I'll get my dad to do it.”


Really? She was going to get her dad to come do work on my house, work I was not willing to do. With the ladder he had loaned us. 10 seconds later I sighed heavily. And up I went.


Because Tom would have done it. He was over 70, and he would not have hesitated. That was the kind of guy Tom was. He would do anything for anybody, and often did. More than once has he come to get me while stranded with car troubles. He finished the basement in our last house almost single-handedly, and did most of the work on the fence, too. Plus sprinklers and fence in the new house. The list goes on and on, and that's just what he's done for us. He was the kind of guy that would give you the shirt off his back. Seriously. He literally tried to give me the shirt off his back on several occasions. (“No, Tom, really. I don't want your shirt.”)


In watching Tom and accepting him as a teacher of sorts, I learned a lot about myself. And I learned that I could be a better person. He showed me what it meant to be there for people. He showed me the importance of family. He was a good grandpa to my kids and he was always up to try something new. And, he was always up to get a burger.


Tom will be missed.


-Pete (Son-in-law)

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  1. I was sorry to hear of Tom's passing.  He was the first driver I drove with at Avis.  Some of the conversations I had with him were interesting, insightful, and made driving with him a joy.  It was always nice to walk into work and see him sitting there, because I knew it would be an interesting day.  Today when I was at work filling out paperwork, I remember the things he taught me, always making sure to teach me the right way to do things.  I will miss him as he always had a lot of positive things to say and I liked that about him.  May he rest in peace.

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