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Robert Anthony McCormack



Robert A. McCormack was born to Catherine and Robert on August 22, 1941 in Brooklyn, New York. He had the honorable distinction of being the first child, grandchild and nephew.

Bob’s formative years were spent in the loving care of his Mother, maternal grandmother and aunts.  Of course there were gentlemen that were either too old or not able to sign up for World War II, therefore Bob was able to learn about all that the soldiers and sailors were doing to protect our country after the Pearl Harbor attack.  The influence of these people in Bob’s life attribute to the talent and knowledge Bob acquired in his early life. 

The first few years of Bob’s school career he attended St. Michaels’. However, in 1953 our parents bought our own home across the street from Our Lady of Perpetual help church and school. Bob learned the responsibility and dedication of the priests and sisters of our parish and formed his morals and ethics.  There Bob completed his grammar school education and continued on to Ft. Hamilton High in Brooklyn, New York. 

Immediately after high school Bob enlisted in the US Navy where he served four years active and two years in the reserve.  After Basic Training at Great Lakes Illinois he was assigned to several Destroyers in the Sixth Fleet where he spent many months in the European-African arenas.  He continued his military career with promotions and accommodations. 

Bob accepted a position, for a short time, in the Brooklyn Navy Yard where he worked in many assignments utilizing his naval expertise.  During this time he bought a 1956 Chevy which he customized so radically he had to register it as a 1961 home made. He took this “Candy Apple Red Twilight Zone” beauty to many car shows along the east coast winning many awards. He truly loved that automobile and was very proud of the work he accomplished.  However, his heart always belonged to the Corvette of which he owned and worked on several. 

Under the influence of his brother Joe, who had been in the Army and stationed in Washington, where he learned to ski, Bob took up the sport and together these boys joined the Windham Mt. Ski Club. Skiing became his passion and with his brothers and his brother-in-law built a chalet in Windham, N.Y.  At this juncture in Bob’s life he also attended New York Community College and received an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts.  Simultaneously to all that kept him active, he started working for the New York Telephone company.  

In Bob’s heart he knew that the west was calling him along with John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High” and with his love for the outdoors and skiing he acquired a transfer to the Bell System in Colorado.  He moved here in 1973 and shortly thereafter was joined by his brothers Joe and George.  The three became “hot dog” skiers.  

Bob eventually bought a home and settled into his adopted state of Colorado.  He worked for the telephone company in various positions and retired at 55 years of age.  This allowed Bob to continue to enjoy the Colorado lifestyle, work on redoing many projects in his home, continue to refurbish cars, watch the state grow and of course continue to ski.  Eventually, the golf courses called to Bob and he became an avid golfer.  In his retirement he even took a position to work at several of the Golf Courses in the state.

He became a wonderful gardener, helped his brothers and sister in their many projects around their homes and shared his life with very many pets – of whom he truly loved.  Bob was an extremely active man.  His talents and knowledge were second to none.  He was an avid reader and never stopped learning – what he didn’t know or could not do, he would find a book and research until he could do just about anything.  We considered him to be our Renaissance Man.

He is loved and will be missed by all who knew him, especially his family. 

Graveside services will be held at the Fort Logan National Cemetery on Tuesday, October 11th at 11:15 a.m. (Staging area "C").



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  1. Cousin Bob was such an artistic ,talented
    Inspiration to me. I watched him draw in pencil and oil paint. I still have the aircraft carrier I copied from him,
    He played the guitar without a lesson singing so many of the songs of the 50's
    That too I tried to imitate .
    We were so close in our formative years and those memories I'll cherish forever.
    My heart goes out to his family
    Cousin jim

  2. I have so many memories of my brother Bob that it would be difficult to write then all down. But the ones that stand out most in my mind are those of my waiting on the porch to see that uniform walking down the street. I was thrilled to see him come home for a weekend. I remember the antics we did as kids. The holidays and the fun we shared and of course Christmas morning after mass, sitting around the breakfast table and anxiously awaiting to open presents.
    He visited me with brothers Joe and George one Thanksgiving and how excited I was that they would now see where I was living in Boise and the influence that had on the family relocating to Colorado. In 1973, when Bob's transfer was approved and he was moving and going to work for Mountain Bell. He called me up singing "Rocky Mountain High". Bob loved his new state, the mountains, the broad vistas and the clean living and lifestyle in Colorado.
    Bob was an extremely talented and smart man. There was nothing he could not do from building a home in Upstate New York with his brothers Joe and George and brother-in-law Allen. I watched him weld a spiral staircase in that home and build a beautiful deck –Just as he did in his home here in Colorado. The home Upstate New York provided many weekends of skiing and family reunions I will never forget. Bob was a "can do" man and proved that in all he did.
    He volunteered to help me move from Idaho to Colorado in 1975, shared his home with me for several months and tried to teach me how to "hot dog" ski – but I could never keep up with him, he spent more time in the air than on the slopes.
    He was best fried to Brother Joe, did many wonderful things for Mother the last year of her life, he was a gardener, a loyal employee to the companies he worked for and a wonderful guardian to the many pets that shared his home and life.
    As I said, Bob loved to garden and he particularly loved those Russian Sage that bloom in late summer. He, Joe, Allen and I dug some of those out of my garden so he could plant them in his. That was just last Saturday. He was strong, happy and looking forward to planting them in his garden. We visited and he spoke of his enjoyment working at Saddle Rock Golf Course and the wonderful friends he befriended. He even shared his thoughts of getting a dog so they could go walking together.
    His unexpected and shocking passing is something we all will have to come to terms with in the coming months and years. He is loved and will be missed – always.

  3. As I think back, I think of my older cousin Bob as a class act. He was someone who just seemed to know the right thing to do or say, and he had a quiet confidence in all he did…..from playing his Silvertone guitar while singing "Pretty Woman" at a family party, to caring for his very special Corvette, to building an A-frame house in upstate New York, to serving our country in the U.S. Navy.

    Looking back, I think I looked up to him even though I did not spend much time with him. I guess I last saw him sometime in the early 1970's, but he wrote to me two years ago after my mom passed away, just a few months before he lost his own mother (Aunt Kate) that same year. And he sent us such a carefully printed, heartfelt sympathy card that I still have. In every way that comes to my mind, he was just a really good man. I am very saddened by his loss, and for his family, and I grieve with them. May he rest in peace with God, and may Joe, MaryAnne, Allen, and Kathy somehow find peace as well…..

  4. All of the Mc Cormack family moved to Colorado in the 70's. I was much younger than cousin Bob. I remember him as a very good looking guy and he was "cool" I have great memories of going to Aunt Kate's apartment house across from the OLPH church. My brothers and I loved going there to visit. Bob was a great cousin as all the cousins we had in Brooklyn. I'm sorry we lost touch… Sorry to hear of his passing. Sending love, prayers, & sincere sympathy. Love cousin Mary Ann

  5. We were so very saddened by the passing of Bob.. My earliest memory of Bob was he and Joe having beers with my father. They always were laughing..He was very handsome and very cool.. The house that was built upstate New York was amazing . With thoughts of peace and love and our childhood memories … Words seem inadequate.. May you rest in peace Bob 🙏🙏🙏
    Cousin Fran and Dom

  6. I have lost a good friend and golfing buddy. Bob and I had just played golf before his passing he was a good golfer and we had some great times together he was always the one to make the t time. Bob also helped me with my classic car a 56 Chevy. As I was restoring it he helped me with the technical parts of the restoration and provided many of the parts that I have on the car now. He was truly a renaissance man with his knowledge and thoughts on life. I reflect often on some of his thoughts. I didn't always agree but satisfied to hear something different which is what we all should do to respect our friends.. I know he is at a better place, I will miss him greatly. Love you Bob.

  7. I met Bob through an online dating site. We first spoke by phone on Dec.11, 2011 and when I heard that Brooklyn accent, I felt I knew him (my dad was Brooklyn born and raised) and we made plans to go to dinner. That first date did not go as he planned, since the restaurant he picked was closed! I agreed to go to a different one with him on that same night. During dinner we talked about ourselves and also the music we both loved which included DooWop, Frank Sinatra, Early Rock n' Roll and Classic Rock etc. And, instead of saying to me "hey do you want to see my etchings?", he said "I've got juke boxes that have some of the greatest oldies you've ever heard, want to go listen to them?" I said yes and when I saw the collection he had on those juke boxes, I was in heaven! Like a kid in a candy store I played one after the other and sang my heart out along to them and we danced as well. I'll never forget how Bob marveled at the fact that I knew all the words to some of these oldies since I was 8 yr. younger than him. I told him I had 2 older brothers and that's how I was familiar with this music. That night was so much fun.! I felt like I had known Bob all my life. Maybe it was the combinations of him being from the East Coast the same as me (I was from Connecticut with roots in Brooklyn), he was Italian/Irish, I was Italian at any rate, we both felt completely at ease with each other. What I loved about Bob was his personality, his humor, his intellect, his warmth, his many talents and accomplishments and how he loved me. Many of the moments I cherish are simple moments, his encouragement and praise when we golfed, how he was always proud of me in different situations, quiet nights going on marathon t.v. watching of The Sopranos, Rescue Me, Saving Grace and always listening to Oldies particularly Kenny Vance and the Planotones and we would sing along! I loved his love of animals, not only his pets but wild life in general and how much he loved his Rocky Mountains that he could view from his back deck. Many a night we would sit there to watch a spectacular sunset while sipping a glass of wine. Bob was so knowledgeable about so many things. I remember sitting out on his front deck wrapped in blankets at night to watch the Perseide (sp?) Meteor Showers. Bob loved his family and felt responsible towards them, remnants of his mother telling him to always watch over his younger siblings. I loved getting him to tell me stories of his boyhood in Brooklyn and all the mischief he would get into…..I told him he should write those stories down and put them into book form. I marveled at his restoration of his '56 Chevy, what a labor of love! We tried to be there for each other during difficult times. That's not to say that we didn't have our heated moments, after all what do you expect with our Italian/ Irish temperments. Above all, Bob had a good heart and he could be counted on to be there if you needed him. I could go, on but let me say, I loved and do love him very deeply, I will never forget him and will keep his memory in my heart forever.

  8. I have worked with Bob at Saddle Rock Golf Course the past two years. The staff called him "Bunker Bob". He would scribe the SR logo in the bunkers at the course, not an easy undertaking because we have more than 50 bunkers. Our prayers are with you all at this time of Bob's passing. He will be missed.

  9. Dear Fran and Dom: Thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts about cousin Bob. They meant so much to us to read your memories of our brother. The funeral service was beautiful and Joe did very well until they gave him the flag. We are keeping a close watch on Joe as he not only lost his brother, but his best friend. They were always doing things together. He was with Bob when he passed and did everything he could to bring him back, but God wanted Bob to come home. It is difficult. You and Dom are in our prayers — we pray he will continue on a healing path and that you stay strong – this is difficult we know. Love Cousin MaryAnne

  10. Dear MaryAnn and Stanley: Thank you so much for your very lovely thoughts about cousin Bob. It means a lot to the family to read your feelings about him. His service was beautiful and the day was sunny and calm. Joe did very well until they gave him the flag then he lost it. Bob and Joe were always very close, not just brothers but good friends.
    Thank you again for your thoughts and we pray that Stanley is getting well – he and you all are in our prayers, always. Love Cousin MaryAnne

  11. Dear Jim and MaryJane: Thank you so much for all your thoughts, prayers, cards and thinking of us during this very difficult time.
    The funeral was beautiful, weather sunny and calm. There were so many people at the service and the military did such a wonderful honoring of Bob. Joe did real well until they presented him with the Flag and then he broke down. We are staying very close to Joe especially on Saturday nights — we don't want him to think about what happen that fateful Saturday night. We are doing the best we can and praying that God will continue to keep us in His arms. We need it. Love Cousin MaryAnne

  12. In 2004 my youngest daughter was babysitting Bob's cats while they went to Lake Powell boating. Bob's home is about 1 minute walk away from mine. I met him when they returned from Powell and we hit it off like we knew each other our whole lives. He was New York and I was New Jersey. We both were mechanically inclined and loved to work on "stuff". We both had a passion for classic cars and shared our experiences – he was more a 50s guy and I was more 60s! I would ask him when he was going to restore the old Chevy down in the garage and he would always say "Some Day". After 4 years of asking what he was going to do with the mess of parts and pile of junk he called "The '56", I knew he needed a fire lit under him. I showed up at his door with a 20 foot chain in my hand and when he asked what that was for I said, " Today is Someday…" . He said it was getting dark and I said, Well – we better hurry up then!" We drug the car into my barn and set up a restoration project that took 1 year of hard and dedicated work. Bob worked on it 6 days a week. He would do the basic work and save the heavy or 2 man work for me to assist with. We loved the project and it was great to be complete, but we did not have anything to work on then! Within no time he was looking for 1966 GTOs for me to buy so he could return the favor and help me restore a car – and therefore have a reason to spend time together! While the GTO project never happened, Bob and I made many, many trips to my remote cabin over the years. Bob and I worked on lots of projects at the cabin. We enjoyed many long talks after a day in the rarified air after a thick steak and a "refreshment" as Bob called a mixed drink. We spoke of everything from our childhood memories to girlfriends, our careers, – to life in outer space! He loved talking Broncos and watching the games (yes we had a dish at the cabin) . He loved the outdoors, short hikes, long ATV rides, seeing the wildlife, panning for gold, watching the shooting stars, playing guitar and singing our favorite Eagles songs over and over in front of the roaring wood stove. See the images I have added! I regularly walk my dog around the block and I miss stopping in and visiting like we so often did. We all lost a great man and friend – however I am so very glad he was a part of my life. I know that if the gates in heaven need some repairs – they have the right guy to take care of that! Hopefully after a hard day's work he can play guitar with Glenn Frey and sing Peaceful Easy Feeling now… Love you man!

  13. I have some fond memories of Bob. My boys recall such memories as well. Bob was a generous person and oh, what a great host. My boys remember how he went out of his way to learn some Rap stars so that he could be "relevant" in conversations with them. They were very impressed that he knew of Dr. Dre (although he mispronounced his name.) That made the effort even more memorable for them. When I told my son, Michael of Bob's passing, he said, "oh, no, not Bob. He was great. I could always count on him to say something to make me laugh." How true. Bob kept the one liners coming for my boys when we stayed at his home for a few days after my marriage of 18 years ended. Bob was not just keeping it light for the boys, but met me at the door with a glass of wine when I entered, handed it to me and said "your life is not over by any sense." My family and I will contemplate peace for your family. To Joe: Your life is not over by any sense. These words your brother said to me, now I share them directly with you. Look for Bob in your grandchildren's smile and laughter, you will most surely find him there.

  14. My family and I are shocked and deeply saddened to learn of Bob's passing. Our most sincere sympathies go out to Joe, Kathleen, and MaryAnne. We all pray that the peace of Christ will wash over you, ease your grief with the passing of time, and help you to know that Bob slipped out of your arms and into the arms of the Lord. Our prayers are with you all. I will add some photos that you may not have.
    Peace to you all and those you love.

  15. Bob McCormack
    I am so sorry to hear about Bob. Bob was one of my oldest and best friends. We met in the Dualers Hot Rod Club I was 19 and Bob was 20. Bob and I had a lot of similar talents. We always talked on the phone of the things that we built or the things we did.
    “Another one bites the dust” are the words in a song but for me it's not that way . I am going to truly miss him. You know, we all think that inside of us that we are still young kids, until we look in the mirror and then reality set in. I guess I should have paid more attention to what was going on, when you hit your 70's & 80's things can go downhill in a hurry. In our life time most of us meet and acquire a lot of friends but only a few can be considered best friends, and Bob was one of my very best friends. Being a car guy Bob might have lost this race, but in my book he came in First.
    Bobs Buddy George Holzman

  16. Hi George, Bob always spoke of you and MaryAnne and the great friendship you had for so many years. He often talked about wanting to go to Florida again to visit the both of you. Bob was a person that you could not forget, I know I never will. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you both, but if I do get down to Florida this winter, I will look you up. I know you live in Cape Coral and I will be visiting in Naples and Ft. Myers. Donna

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