Ralph George Padilla Jr.

ralph padilla  jr.

Ralph George Padilla was born June 27, 1983 to Lorraine and Ralph Sr. Ralphie, the name all of his family and friends knew him by, had a smile that could light up the room. He was his mother's pride and joy, her first born, the light of her eyes and of course the only person that could call him by this nickname, her "Bubbs'. In his early years Ralphie was your typical little boy, always active and hyper jumping around, whether it was over fences off of roofs or any platform he could find to launch his self from, which would occasionally end with him having to get a few stitches. Ralphie would eventually turn that hyperactivity into talent and use it on the football field and basketball court which he played as a teenager and was very good at it. He was also very artistic and had an eye for drawing and had free flowing hands that would allow him to become an artist in many different ways, he could draw characters, he could write songs and he could take any dude with a mop-top and perform magic, Ralphie was an awesome barber. As a youngster Ralphie would always use his younger cousin as a guinea pig to figure out different ways to do their hair. He enjoyed making people look and feel better. He also had a laugh that was so unique it was contagious. Ralphie was very much so a momma's boy, always needed her by his side, never let her out his sight and no matter the situation she was ALWAYS there for her Bubbs. He had a bond with his mother that was so deep that even though he's now her angel in heaven it will NEVER be broken. Even as his wife Roxy put it, Ralphie never cut the cord with his mom and with every obstacle he's faced in his life whether good or bad he always had his mom with him by his side. He loved his daddy. As a baby the only place Ralphie could fall asleep was on his daddy's chest. Our dad would have to squirt him with water to make sure he was okay because he was always so quiet and sound asleep. As he got older his bond with our dad grew and like any Father-Son relationship they were like best friends. When Ralphie would go out with his friends they'd come home and he'd knock on his dad's door and tell him "you make the world's best scrambled egg burritos, hook us up' and sure enough dad would go in the kitchen and hook his boy and his friends up with burritos, but not without showing them where the horse bit him. Ralphie also loved the way dad ironed because he always had the sharpest creases. But he would always have the question "Why did you guys name me Ralph' and dad always had the same answer "Because I wanted my first boy to be a Jr'. When Ralphie was born his daddy was so happy that he used to blow dry his hair like his. Then eventually he got older and with Ralphie's artistic ways he told his dad it's his turn to cut his hair like his now. After Ralph cut dad's hair off he told him "Aren't you glad you don't have to use all that Aqua Net now'. One thing Ralphie let his dad know, is that even though he had a lot friends he only had ONE best friend and that was his dad. Ralph was an awesome older brother, a great role model that was very loving to his younger siblings and they looked up to him. When mom was pregnant with Damian she didn't have a name picked out. She told dad "Go into the waiting room and tell Ralph to think of a name for his brother', he was so happy! So he came up with our brothers name Damian Joseph! He was always pushing him supporting him in his sports, making sure he was always doing good in school. He always wanted the best for him giving him advice and leading by example. As a baby Brooklyn resembled Ralph so much everyone thought that she was his baby. When Ralph had to spend sometime away from home Brooklyn would sing her "I Love You' song to him which always put a smile on his face. He was such an amazing protective brother, he even went as far as FaceBook stalking, just to make sure they stood on the right path. When Ralph was a little boy and his older sister would come visit him he would look forward to those visits so she could clean his room. He was always there when his older sister needed him as a positive role model for his nephew. He always made an effort to have positive talks with his nephew, because he knew how easy it was to get distracted. He was a very loving and attentive uncle listening to his nieces stories. When it came to his sister Brittany he was so over protective! He always made sure everyone knew who his baby sister was and that she was OFF LIMITS!! Everyone would tell him 'leave her alone already' and no matter what, if she was in the wrong and he KNEW she was in the wrong, Ralph would always stick up for her and say she was right. She always wanted to be with her older brother and his friends, they would always tell her to get out of the room. When Ralph and Roxy met they created such a beautiful connection. They built a life & Family. Ralph & Roxsann have three beautiful children together whom they loved dearly, they kept them very active in activities, sports etc. They were very much in love you could not have one without the other. The energy they had together was amazing. They both worked very hard to be great parents and provide their children with so much love. They made sure to always give them their own individual time, and always made sure they all knew they were special to them. They always thought they were cool because both of their names started with an R so they always used the Rolls Royce symbol as their initials. It was important for them to always set a good example by showing their children you must always work hard and push yourself to do your best and no matter the outcome you are always a winner as long as you work for what you want. In the early morning on Sept 29, 2013 the heavens up above made a call for Ralph and Roxsann to come home to the lord. As hard as it is to believe, the lord has a destiny for each and every one of us and their destiny was to meet each other. We are all deeply saddened about the loss of our beloved brother and sister, but instead of mourning our loss we will celebrate their lives and keep their memories alive, close to our hearts and know that we now have two beautiful Angels watching over us keeping us protected. We love you Ralph and Roxy keep us safe, guide us through life and Thank You both for the time you gave us ALL!! Rest In Peace!!!

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