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philip reed

Philip J. Reed passed away peacefully at his home in Lakewood, Colorado, July 30, 2022.
Philip was born in Orange, New Jersey, and graduated From Pinelands Regional High School in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey. He graduated Stockton University with a B.S. in literature in 2004.

In his early career, Philip worked in retail, served as an on-air personality for WBHX
Radio in New Jersey, and worked for the Florida Department of Environmental
Protection. He also worked in media and communications and as a reviewer for
Nintendo Life.
Since 2016, Philip worked for the U.S. Department of Energy at Western Area
Power Administration as a Public Affairs Specialist. He served as chief editor and
publications manager, most notably responsible for the production of the
organization’s monthly magazine and annual report.
Since 2012, in addition to his full-time work, Philip maintained Noiseless Chatter,
a blog where he wrote personal entries; video game, television and movie
reviews; and “essays about all manner of entertainment,” including ALF, Better
Call Saul, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and Mega Man.
In 2020, Boss Fight Books published Philip’s book Resident Evil, which examines
the eponymous 1996 video game along with its influences and cinematography.
Philip also wrote content for Team TripleJump, an English gaming channel,
including 101 Video Games You Must Play and Every Sonic the Hedgehog Video
Game Ranked from Worst to Best.
Philip loved reading, music and video gaming. He was respected and admired for
his humor, dedication to his craft, intellect, creativity and selflessness. He was a
profoundly talented writer, having published many books, articles, interviews and
reviews. Philip created far-reaching niche multimedia content and cultivated a
substantial online following and community.
Philip was a friend and mentor to many people around the world, known and
admired for his selfless dedication to creating a better world. Philip strove for
exceptional results in all that he did, whether the task presented was trivial or
He is survived by his Grandfather Philip James Reed Jr, Grandmother Dolores
Reed, Mother Tammy Grecco, Father Phil Reed, Stepmother Agnes Reed,
Brothers Christopher, James and Joseph, and a long line of family members and
friends who loved and appreciated his presence in their lives.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in his name to The Trevor Project, a
charity he supported with an annual online fundraising event.
A celebration of his life will be held Saturday, August 13, 2022, between 1 and 4
p.m., at the Stork-Bullock Family Mortuary at 1895 Wadsworth Blvd. in Lakewood
CO. He will be interred with his brother Robert Joseph, at Holy Cross Cemetery in
Lyndhurst, New Jersey.

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  1. "The classics." Hahahaha. Yep. Sad, sad news… but still have to laugh at some of the shenanigans or else I know his ghost will be kicking us in the shins yelling "Why aren't you laughing? That was comedy GOLD right there."

  2. Friends come and go. Even good friends. Sometimes life pulls you in different directions. When Phil went south, I went north. And we were never again physically in the same place after that. We kept in touch, talked every now and then. I always thought of him as a friend even when he was in the middle of doing something ridiculous. Sometimes I kept him from crossing a line or two if the ridiculousness seemed to be getting a little out of hand, but I have no "bad memories" with Phil. Maybe a few weird memories… but all of them full of laughter and joy. So this is sad news for me. I'm gonna miss this guy.
    To Tammy, Chris, and "big Phil" if you guys ever want to hear some funny stories about Phil, or you just need a hug from someone who "knew him back when"… give me a call.

  3. I went to elementary and high school with PJ he always greeted me with a smile and a funny joke/story. After high school I didnt realize how much I missed him until I walked into a class at Stockton College. Simply seeing his smile warmed my heart. May his legacy live on through his memories and books.

  4. Im so sorry to hear of Phils passing. I will always know him as PJ, and though we lost touch through the years my childhood will always have the fondest memories of PJ. Most notably shaving my initials in his hair. Rest In Peace my friend. Im so sorry Tammy and family️

  5. Phil was a gift to life. Not just in his talent as a writer and a humorist, but a gift in his immense kindness and empathy for others. I was introduced to him through our online parodies and I was struck by not just his intelligence but how approachable and warm he was. In the little amount of time I knew him, I felt like I knew him all of my life; the friend who was always there. In this difficult time, I remember how we would feed off each other's jokes and keep building them up until we couldn't stop laughing. I remember how enthusiastic he was about reading, introducing me to Thomas Pynchon and discussing Kurt Vonnegut at great lengths. I remember when I had my daughter, he was one of, if not, the first person to congratulate me and my family. He was a gentle soul and I'll always remember him. We love you, buddy.

  6. Phil was one of the funniest people I ever knew. We met early on in elementary school and had many stages of our friendship. I will never forget 'the classics' and the countless jingles we wrote together. Thank you for the memories!

  7. PJ was the first grandson born in our family. My first nephew, the first baby I held as a teenager. I watched him grow up and his intellect was beyond his years. We played Atari 2600 game console in the 80s and he surpassed everyone with his skill. His love for gaming, reading and writing was insatiable, He followed his dreams, lived life on his terms, and had a profound impact on everyone he knew. He was a bright shining star whose light was extinguished too soon. Rest In Peace Phil, until we meet again Always in our hearts and memories

  8. We may have hardly spoke or seen each other in a long time but I have so many great memories during those most formative years of life with you bud. Looking back I don't think I ever understood you but that was perhaps the most intriguing and often humorous part of being your friend. You left a piece of you with everyone whose life you touched, no doubt. Rest well and in peace my friend.

  9. as I watched you. grow into the man that you have become we had some great times , great memories . Even though miles kept us apart you were always and will forever be in my heart.You were loved and will be missed deeply but never forgotten.

  10. If I find the book with all of those wonderful stories I will absolutely share. Phils genius on painting a picture of happiness was second to none!

  11. My deepest condolences go out to Philip's family. We love you so much, Phil. We will never forget you. You endured so much pain, I cannot imagine what you were going through. I am grateful that you are now eternally relieved of all suffering, and yet, your spirit lives on. I love you so much, Phil. We love you, Phil.

  12. Phil was always such an enormously positive influence on anyone that he interacted with. His warmth, love, and kindness were impossible not to notice. What I'll cherish most about him was that he always inspired others and encouraged them to grow. He was a wonderful human being, and he will never be forgotten.

  13. Philip was a kind, funny and immensely talented person. He will be missed by everybody within our company, not just as a colleague but as a friend. Rest in peace, Philip.

  14. I did not get to know Pj as a grown man, but i did know him as a young boy when he attended school in Little Egg Harbor. I remember him as a quiet, smart very nice boy. He loved writing. I am very happy to have known him. Rest In Peace PJ.

  15. I knew Phil for close to 20 years. Over the last few months we had been emailing about some freelance work opportunities he was looking forward to, and it seemed like he was excited to return to writing fiction, which he´d always loved. He messaged me shortly before he died and expressed appreciation for our friendship, and we messaged back and forth for a bit. I´m glad we connected so recently.

    He was the first person to believe I could actually be a writer (my first print publication, 14 years ago, was in an anthology alongside one of his stories), and it was his encouragement that kept me going. But more than that, he was a great and caring friend who taught me a lot about being a good writer and being a good friend, and I´m devastated that he´s gone. We wrote stories and scripts and essays and made podcasts and so many other things together and I´ll miss him dearly. I don't think I could put it any better than his final words to me: "Be good to yourself, okay?"

  16. Phil was a great friend, we shared so many laughs together and I was deeply saddened to hear of his passing… I won't forget him.

  17. Phil, we were close friends for many years, you were the source of so much laughter, quite a few wacky adventures, and meaningful deep conversations. You heavily influenced my taste and love for music and film. We drifted apart over the years, reconnecting briefly a time or two. The past decade was one of the busiest in my life and although we never got to catch up during this time, I often thought of you and quietly checked in on what you were getting up to. In our time apart it hasnt been uncommon for me to hear a new song or enjoy a film and make a note to one day discuss it with you. I dont intend to stop doing that and sincerely hope there is a place and time well get to connect again. Until then Ill miss you buddy.

  18. Although many years have passed since we were together, I have kept you in my mind from time to time. Usually, a moment during a familiar song, Id think about what you could be up to or how youve been. Im so very sad to hear how much you have suffered and struggled. I truly hope you now know some peace. What youve left for all of us: the memories of times spent together, the beautiful words you have written, the hysterics that come from remembering your anticsthey are beyond priceless but still it feels like not enough. The world is darker now without you in it. You gave so much, always, and you will be so missed. Thank you for the memories and rest peacefully.

  19. You made me smile with every message you sent.

    You made me feel like a better person, even when I didn't deserve it because you were the better person. You deserved so much more.

    I will treasure the time we spent talking and how fun that game of Mario Kart was…I really didn't want to stop playing. I wanted us to play so many other games together. Wanted so much to see you and hug you at last.

    I miss you heart and soul. X

  20. I've been meaning to ask and I don't know any other way to contact you.
    What partner relationship were you in with Phil?
    It's just we were starting to become a thing.

  21. You had the best knack for seeing the good in everyone. Although it had been a while since we caught up, I thought of you often. I am so sorry to hear of your passing. Thank you for everything.

  22. I still think of you often. Wish you were still here, geeking out about new games with me and making dumb jokes and being grumpy. When I write, I always try to remember your encouragement.

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