Matthew Caleb Moore

matthew moore

Matthew Caleb Moore

Matthew was born September 27, 1974 in Englewood, Colorado to Robert H. Moore Jr. and Donna M. (Duggan) Moore.  He is survived by his wife Radawn, his children, father, brother and many other family members and friends.

A Celebration of Life will be held on Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 10:30 AM at the Parkview Congregational Church.  Graveside services will be the same day at 2:00 PM at Crown Hill Cemetery.  

Family and friends are encouraged to share stories and photograph's of Matt here on his website. (click appropriate tab above)



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  1. I love you my sweet brother.  We will never forget what a special and unique man you were.  You won't have to suffer any longer.   Rest in peace dear Matthew,  we all love you.

  2. Matt,

    I once saw a joke that read:

    Tall people: Where the family meets if someone gets lost in a crowd.

    I immediately thought of you and your quirky personality.  When the family got together, you never failed at making me laugh one way or another.

    When you and Radawn moved to Florida, you took away one of my girls, but I was thrilled when you guys came back!

    I am happy that you were a part of our lives, even if it was only for a short period of time.

    There'll always be a part of you through the lives of your children; family will always be family.  May your soul rest in peace.

    Radawn, I love you, Abby, Zach, and Logan.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you guys.  I'll always be here for you.

    Love Always,

    Aunt Sherry

  3. Matt, there was always some sort of story to be told with our family~

    I remember walking down the street with you at Uncle Dennis and Aunt Debbie's…in the dark…why?  Because you left movie rentals on top of the car, and drove away, only to realize they weren't in the seat next to you.  It seems like we found the movies, even the cases, and most likely scratched up.

    I think one of my favorite times was during Christmas, watching Santa's Slay… No, that is not a misprint.  You went on about how it was the best movie, and I was just thinking that I wasted an hour and a half of my life watching utter garbage…but it was fun because it was time with the family…Besides, Berto and Nathan seemed to enjoy.  I know I had to endure it for a second time watching it with them. Now, it will be a tradition to watch it at Christmas!

    We love you all, and you know we are here for you guys!  

    Much love, see you around, Matt!

    I'll end this with one of my favorite lines from Santa's Slay (and Luda song): "Move B___ get out the way!"  'Cause Matt's coming through the Pearly Gates!


  5. Radawn, Abby, Zach and Logan

    We are so sorry for your loss.  If there is anything we can do to help please let us know.   Matt we will miss you and had so many great discussions about football, guns and our kids.  I know how much he loves you all and he will be there to watch over you every day.  

    We are send our thoughts and love to you and the entire family

  6. We were looking to buy a house a few years ago, and we came out of one house we had just checked out when this guy comes running up: "Hey! You have kids! They look like they're about the same age as my kids. You should buy this house. My kids need more kids to play with." We ended up buying the house, and then found out that Matt was not only our new neighbor, he was also on the high school swim team with my husband (Mike was older and hazed him, something Matt didn't let him forget).

    I know is laughing now at the moral dilemma I'm facing considering his request for people to donate to the NRA in his name. Matt and I spent a lot of time in the front yard (when our kids were playing together) discussing our different political opinions. Matt collected guns, I am such a pacifist I avoid stepping on ants. Matt was a strong republican, I come from a family of democrats (my grandfather even delivered a former democratic governor). But no matter our difference of opinons Matt always wanted to know the why behind my very different beliefs, and I learned a lot about why he believed what he did.

    Radawn, Mike and I are here for you. Please let us know how we can help.

    Abby, Zach and Logan, your dad loved you all so much. He would have done anything to protect you, and now he can watch out for you 24/7 no matter where you go (Abby, think about your dad chasing down the guys he doesn't think are good enough for you…which will be all guys.) If you need anything our door is always open (and just a few feet away!). Derek Ellie and Adan are very sorry for your loss and are there if you want to talk to someone closer to your age.

    The cul-de-sac is much too quiet lately, and no one is running around in the snow barefooted in only their swim trunks in the front yard anymore. We will miss you Matt.

    All our love,

    Kimberly Roy and family

  7. I am so saddened by this news! I didn't know Matt a whole lot, but he always had a joke, or even a kind word. Radawn, Abby, Zach, Logan my thoughts and prayers are with you all may your memories comfort you during this time of sorrow!

    If there's anything I can do, please don't hesitate to ask!

  8. I am so very thankful that we got to spend so much time with you recently.  Having lost my own brother 11 years ago we really had some great heart to heart talks even just a few days ago.  Macy and Chandler will forever remember the sleepovers with you.  You will be greatly missed but your death won't be in vain.  RIP my dear brother-in-law!

  9. Matt was one of the first people we met when we moved into our house a year and a half ago. I remember thinking he was one of those people who could be a character in a book, so animated and one-of-a-kind. We instantly liked him, how could we not? And we loved our chats in the cul-de-sac whenever the kids were out playing. I will miss that.

    My fondest memory of Matt was last summer when those heavy rains came. Some areas even reporting major flooding and Matt joked about feeling the need to build an ark. Then late one afternoon, after our annual summer BBQ in the cul-de-sac ended, the rain started pounding our suburb like cats and dogs. The streets quickly turned into rivers and I looked out my window and saw Matt, Radawn, Abby, Zac and Logan all outside having a huge family water fight with buckets, scooping up as much as they could from the gutters. It was hilarious and I will never forget that. I remember thinking to myself that day that we picked the right neighborhood. Seeing the Moores out there dancing in the rain sealed the deal for me, and it was all because a cute dad was outside making the best of things and drenching his kids, doing just what a great dad should do during a crazy rainstorm. I smile every time I think about it.

    Matt, you will be missed.

    Radawn, we are here for you. You and the kids are in our thoughts and prayers. We love you guys and always have and always will.

  10. News of your passing totally shocked and saddened me.  Although you didn't work with us, Radawn did, and she became our little sister.  You always joined our zany antics and we loved you for it.  Radawn, although distant, I am here if you need us.

    Rest in peace, dear friend! In the knowledge that you left your mark here on Earth and in the hearts of many.

    Iris Rivera

  11. The best memories have been sharing Christmas and Thanksgiving together. We will miss your smile and you altogether. My prayers are that you are happy in Heaven now and please know we will be thinking of you with love and good memories. Our prayers go out to all of the family. Radawn, Abby, Zac, and Logan; if there is anything we can do for you please ask. All our love and sympathies. Love Aunt Connie

  12. We are deeply saddened by the news of Matthew's passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time of sorrow.


    Dr. Derek Straffon and Team

  13. I am so very sorry for your loss. I know he loved you all with every inch of his heart and will continue to look out for you from above.

  14. Matt was one of those kind of guys that never knew a stranger, they  became his friend. I met Matt the first time in Denver when I went there on company business in 2009 and immediately liked him. How could you not, he reminded me of my nephew who also lives in Colorado. We immediately became bonded by our political views and beliefs. We shared the same interests and compared the guns we each owned to see if we had the same one. Matt, I don't know how bad things got for you and wished you would have called me and we could have just talked it out for I have been there before when everything seemed hopeless and wanted to end it, but I found a reason to persevere. You were a great friend and will be truly missed. Radawn and kids, I am so sorry and wish there was something I could do for you, but I understand how you feel because I lost my father to suicide when I was just 21 and he used my shotgun. May God comfort you during these times because only time will heal the wounds.

  15. Matt, you will be missed.  

    My heart goes out to you Radawn and to the kids.  Please let me know if there is anything at all I can do for you.

  16. Our family was stunned that our nephew/cousin passed away.  We were so grateful that we were able to visit with him and his dad in September at our home in Alaska.  Matt loved Alaska and found a great sense of "peace" here.We are so greatful that Matt loved the Lord and his desire for his family to know him and love him also.  May God give our families grace in this time of sorrow.

  17. Our Throughts and prayers are with the Moore's family in this time of saddness  We will always remember how much Matt loved to bring his kids to work and show them off.

  18. Radawn & family,

    Our hearts go out to you.  There are just no words.  Know you're in our prayers.

    You were always great neighbors, and Matt helped us out many times.

    Funniest was catching the bird that came down our chimney into the house.  Matt put on gloves and grabbed it while the rest of us were flailing around! So comical.



  19. Radawn and Family, My thoughts and prayers are with you. Please take comfort in knowing Matt will be missed.

    In Sympathy,

    Ben & Denice Fiscus

  20. We are so saddened about our nephew Matt's passing.  There are so many memories!  We pray for all the family but especially Radawn, Abby, Zach, Logan, Bob, Mark/family and Grandpa Duggan.  Matt-Rest in Peace.  We love you.

  21. We worked with Matt at Noble Energy.  He was very intelligent and I never met anyone better at Microsoft Excel than Matt.  I called him our human data mart because he analyzed and managed large volumes of data.  He frequently made us laugh and brought us fabulous baked goods made by Radawn.  When he was not talking about work, he mainly talked about his family.  It was very clear how much he adored his family.  You will be missed by many.  Deepest sympathy to Matt's family and friends.

  22. Hi, for those of you who don't know me, I'm Abby, Matt's oldest and only daughter.  You see, I never thought that I would lose my Dad at 12.  For me, that's really young.  I always thought that he would die old and have lived a happy life.  When I found out, I was devastated because I thought I was going to see him in a few days.  The saddest thing is, I never got to say goodbye.

    I Love you Dad!

  23. I really liked playing video games with dad.  I really liked laying in bed with daddy and watching cartoons.

    I Love you Dad!

  24. It's always tough on a kid when they move. Add in that you and your dad move while your mom and sisters stay behind to sell the house and it gets harder. Do it in the middle of the school year – Spring Break even – and you wouldn't want to wish it on any kid.  Well, that happened to me, and in 7th grade, no less.  I still remember walking into Flood Middle School's lunch room and looking for a place to sit.  I found a table on one of the landings where there were four other boys sitting.  I didn't exactly fit in, coming from a small town, but they let me join them – to the protesting of one of the pairs.  You see, they were in pairs because there were two Jason's and two Matt's.  The Jason's weren't keen on the idea, but one of the Matt's told them off and said I was “okay.”  

    I met Matt Moore when I was 12 years old.  We were fast friends.

    We were good friends, too.  Unlike Matt, or even most of our other friends, I didn't have a brother.  A best friend was an important thing for a growing boy.  There were lots of things that we both went through at the same time. Over the years, we shared lots of stories – even if they weren't all good stories.

    Matt and I rode our bikes a lot.  We both enjoyed our mountain bikes and got new ones early on at Englewood High School. We competed often to get to places first, whether that was racing the older kids in their cars to get to Little Caesar's Pizza first for Crazy Bread (I still have no idea what it was about Crazy Bread), or to Cinderella City to play a video game or wander around Cinder-Alley. May days after school, Matt, Matt (Peterson – the other Matt from that first meeting) would take off on the bike paths of the Southern Denver Suburbs, sometimes finding ourselves all the way up to the foothills.  We used to take turns crashing – trying to remember whose turn it was and always hoping it was Peterson's turn. He gave me a hard time because I always had the most spectacular crashes. On one trip, I crashed so hard on our way to a movie at Bear Valley (in the “Sombrero” park) that I don't even remember all the things I said while writhing on the ground. But I do remember seeing Matt laughing and “shhhh-ing” me.  Later he said he had no Idea I knew all those curse words and that he thought I had even made up some new ones.

    One day, we were racing to I-don't-remember-where and were headed down the bike path that ran under Broadway and emptied out into a parking lot next to Hampden.  As we came out, I decided to cut him off by swinging close to the Ponderosa restaurant.  There's no way I would have known that they had spilled their grease all over the street and then tried to wash it down the drain. I hit it, and had one of those “spectacular” crashes.  Well, my left arm wouldn't work. I couldn't imagine that it was broken so I asked Matt to find me a ride at the Englewood Police Station (since I couldn't reach my parents). I didn't wait too long until I heard sirens.  Sure enough, an ambulance and fire engine came racing my direction. I thought, “There's no way those are for me.” That was, until I saw Matt peddling his legs off trying to keep up.  When he pulled up just as the paramedics got to me, he apologized profusely for making it such a big production.

    Matt was older than me by a couple of months so he was the first one to drive.  He sure made a statement with that too.  That 1977 Ford Bronco was HUGE and we spent many trips piled in headed to lunch or wherever.  One time at McDonald's on Hampden, I bet that I could eat more catsup packets with my small fries than anyone else.  27 packets later, I had won – or lost, depending on how you look at it. He showed me up later by squeezing more high-schoolers than that in – or on in some cases – in his Bronco. I had my usual seat for an overstuffed Ford that day – sitting on the spare tire, feet in the back, holding on the cargo rack. Oh, there are so many reasons we should've never made it to graduation.

    The closest call was during senior finals.  I was driving my Jeep that day and we decided to speed up Broadway to Pizza Hut for the lunch buffet.  It was just him and me in that 1974 CJ5, with no top and lap belts only.  As we crossed over Hamden, in front of the Army Surplus store, the light turned yellow and the car in front of us came to a sudden halt.  I quickly changed lanes, swerving, tilting the jeep sideways to get behind the other car that appeared to be speeding through the intersection, but they started stopping too.  I slammed on the breaks (which was a bad idea in an old car like that) and the wheels locked up. We started into a full skid. With no power steering, no power breaks, our momentum had us flying forward.  We were sure we were done for – that big steel front bumper was gonna plow through the two cars, we were gonna get tossed in two halves through the windshield. My short life passed before my eyes – as did the drivers of the two cars….  With no doors on the Jeep, we had a clear view of the giant eyes on the occupants of the two other cars as we fully squealed past and skidded to an unmolested stop – right in the middle of the intersection.  We had missed both cars by fractions of inches.  Mouths agape, we looked at each other in shock. We cursed, prayed, chuckled, and choked.  I shifted, floored it, and we headed off North, laughing the whole way.  I was never so convinced that we had the hardest working guardian angels around.

    Matt liked to laugh. On one blizzard filled ski trip up to Winter Park, he played a cassette tape full of old comedy he'd recorded off of his Grandpa's records. I'd never heard of “Brother Dave” or George Carolin before.  I never knew Bill Cosby had done anything before his HBO special “Himself”.  To this day I can't get out a bottle of Pace without hearing him say, “Salsa sauce” like that poor dog in one of Carolin's sketches, or talk about snakes without chuckling about one of them givin' “a snaky lick – bla-la-la-la”, or even cook chicken without wondering what happened to the chicken heart and that poor janitor.

    We didn't always make each other laugh, though.  Matt was 50% responsible for the loss of my first ever girlfriend – and my first broken heart.  While I never wanted to know all the details of how it all went down, when I found out, I decided to confront him about it.  Mark, Matt's brother, probably remembers being asked along to the “movies” with Matt and I, as well as another friend.  I'm not very proud of calling him out of the car in a parking lot and threatening him. I'm not proud of getting back in the car after he admitted what he'd done and making him sit there while I said nothing as he said over and over in the back seat, “You hate me, don't you. I know you do. I don't blame you. You hate me.” What he didn't know was that I had already forgiven him and had to work hard at not smiling – or laughing out loud, which was close too. I had to give him some time to stew but couldn't leave it that way.  We were best friends, and I reminded him so just a couple of days later.

    In school, most of Matt's friends shared something with him.  They were in band with him.  They were on the swim team with him.  I didn't.  I always figured that there was something else that we shared.  I still don't know exactly what that was.  Maybe it was Taco Bell.  Just about everybody in our circle ended up working there at one time or another. How he could get up and go before school I never knew.

    Matt was also my only ever dive buddy.  While Matt and others went SCUBA diving after our school trips to Cozumel, I never did. He was there when I sucked down half a tank of air when we went around a cave corner and were eye to eye with some huge tarpons, when the crazy dive guide pulled a shark out from under a rock by his tail and it swam in between us to get away, or when Jerry fed all those fish through is regulator.

    As we got older, we headed off to different colleges.  One Halloween, while Matt was in Boulder, I decided to show Matt some of the things I had learned in ROTC. It probably wasn't a good idea for a couple of guys in SWAT costumes to repel down an apartment building in a town known for its “non-medicinal herbal supplements”, but we had fun, even if the folks who, for some reason, all flushed their toilets as we swung by didn't.

    I helped him enjoy country music. He always loved jazz. I was always jealous of how he could just sit down at a piano and play. I never had his musical ability.  Even though he was a good trumpet player and drum major, his sense of rhythm never translated well to his feet.  The man was not a good dancer.  Although Radawn may argue, I know better.  She was not an impartial judge.  He'd try, though.  He had this goofy move to make fun of himself.  He'd kinda' bend his knees to the side and give a two-handed “six-gun” shot with a wink.  It was ridiculous, but it was fun, too.

    Further along in life, and thanks to some of those goofy dance moves, Matt had started a family while I was off playing Army.  While there were times that he said he lived vicariously through me, he never really knew that I was still just looking forward to having what he had.

    Life got heavy for Matt, especially recently. I was thinking about it on our long drive back from Kansas earlier this week.  What do you say at a time like this? How do you know what will happen next for Matt?  I was reminded of a story Jesus told to his disciples, onlookers, and especially some pharoses.  We know this story as the parable of the Prodigal Son. Some may think this story applies to Matt's situation.  I think it applies to all of our situations.  You see, the story isn't about the son who got lost.  And he didn't even get lost – he left. Deliberately. Spitefully. He left.  But he came back, right? Matt didn't come back.  Actually, the wayward son never made it back to his father.

    “What?!” you may say? “But the party, the ring.”

    No, he didn't make it there.  He thought about going back to his father's property, but not his father. He may have been on his way to ask for a job, but certainly not to ask to be a son again.  And he never got there. If anybody had passed this son on the road, they wouldn't have recognized him.  He probably still stank, was dressed in rags, nothing like the finery he'd left in or partied in.  And he almost certainly looked dejected, probably keeping his head low in sadness, shame, and despair.

    You see, the story isn't about this son.  And before you go putting yourself in the camp of the “son who stayed home,” remember that he was bitter for working so hard and not getting a party himself.  He, too, only wanted the “stuff” of the father, not the father himself.

    The hero and true subject of this story is the father. Our Father.  It's about the love this father had for his children, even those who had once been his child and then tried to get as far away from the family as possible.  

    The prodigal didn't make it back to the father because the father came to him.  He saw him “a long way off” it says.  While nobody else would have recognized the boy, the father did.  The son didn't have to make it back to the dwelling place of the father.  The father, forsaking all ancient traditions of what he should have done, loved the son so much that he ran out to meet him while he was still away.  

    The love didn't stop there, you know. You see, the father didn't require for his son to be washed before he put the best robe on him.  The son's hands, which assuredly were crusted with muck from the pigs and filth from the hard life, were not ceremonially washed before the family ring was put back on his finger.  The tale is a tale of the unrelenting, uncontainable love of a father.  Our Father.  A Father who knows those who are in his family, even when they forget, or try to forget.

    I don't know how to judge Matt's, or anyone's salvation.  But I do know the nature of the One who saves.  And He is a Father who looks for and runs to His children even when they're a long way off.  Because of a love like that, the only love like it in existence, I have hope – hope for Matt and hope for me.  And I want to share that hope with everyone I can.

  25. Matt lived for over two months with his grandpa.  They had many prayer times together at all hours.  He proclaimed he loved the Lord and was indeed born again.  As he and grandpa spoke with one another, often he fell to his knees with hands raised and stated, Lord, I've sinned and confess.  Please forgive me, heal me, I love you and accept you into my life Jesus!

  26. Matt was always a great friend!  We had a lot of good times together out shooting, skiing, and having good times. I am going to miss the good times that we had!  Don't worry I will be cleaning some guns when Abby goes out on her first date with a boy to scare him.  I will always be in debt to you for helping to get me to see the doctor for my tumor.  I know that you will be looking over your family and friends and watching out for all of us!  I will help watch out for your family down here! You will be missed!

  27. Matt was one of my oldest and dearest friends.  Matt was a kind and gentle soul who would do anything for his friends and family.  Being the first among us to turn 16 he was also the first to get his drivers license and a vehicle.  Lucky for the rest of us he got a huge vehicle with plenty of room for his friends and even some of their friends.  (See I told you he would do anything for his friends.) Since Matt was the one with a vehicle he got the pleasure of driving us all to lunch because we now had freedom and shouldn't spend another minute on campus than we had to.  Well one day we had a brilliant idea to see how many people we could fit in Matt's bronco AND drive to lunch.  Would you believe we fit 21 of us in that bronco for the drive to Cinderella City to get lunch at the food court?  We must have looked like a clown car at the circus.  That bronco served us well and must have cost Matt a fortune in gas money until the rest of us finally got cars and could share in the driving duties, but even then we usually took Matt's ride because he had the room.  Not only was Matt a great friend but he was also a great musician and it was always a good time when several of us would take a road trip up to Fort Collins, or Boulder to see him perform at the end of jazz camp.  Through the years there were many camping trips up to French Creek, ski trips to Copper Mountain and Winter Park, beach trips to Florida where we nearly slept on the beach in Key West because the hotel lost our reservation.  Matt and I also shared many Jimmy Buffett concerts together, but I think that one of my fondest memories however is a biology trip that we took to Cozumel, Mexico with coach Getchel as our Chaperone.  Not only did we learn a lot about marine biology and the ecosystem through scuba diving, but we learned a lot about each other and we looked out for each other.  That trip and Coach Getchel in particular are responsible for our love of diving and Jimmy Buffett.  There are many Buffett songs that come to mind when I sit down and think about Matt and the times we've shared, but one in particular seems to fit best right now. So Matt, if the phone doesn't ring you'll know that it's me.

  28. So Matt, you really don't need to check the emails I send you for proper grammar and spelling.  REALLY, it's email!

    Thank you for making me run around your truck just as the eye of hurricane Charlie was over the top of Orlando.  I'm glad you went with me so I didn't blow away in the storm.    

    Hmmmm, unless of course that was your intention, I am your mother-in-law and you know what they say about mother-in-laws.

    Star gazing was the best!  You seem to know all the constellations and were so eager to share them with us.  You will be in my thoughts when I look up at the night sky.

    I'll miss our bantering.     I'll miss you.     You will forever be in our hearts.

    Love & Hugs!

  29. When Radawn first introduced Matt to us, other than some young man who was making the moves on our daughter, he appeared to be a nice guy.  But then again he was a male making moves on our baby girl.

    It didn't take long however, to discover he was a nice guy, and really just a big teddy bear. He had a contagious smile and a wonderful personality, with good intentions towards our daughter.

    As time went on we began to get to know him. We knew he was a good match for Radawn. We felt confident in his love for her and his ability to provide for her and the family they were planning.

    He really enjoyed cooking and a perfectionist with every meal he made, always trying to improve the recipe. His prime rib was out of this world and after many trials and adjustments, he perfected his ribs, not leaving out his sauces, breads and a smorgasbord of other fine eatables.

    You could always tell when Matt was either cooking or eating, by the trail he left behind.

    Together Matt and Radawn brought 3 wonderful children into this world, Abigail, Zachary and Logan. How he loved his kids. From chasing them around the rooms, swinging them around in circles, wrestling, or sitting down and playing x-box and play station, it was always fun to watch this big gentle giant playing with these little bundles of joy.

    Matt enjoyed the family camping trips, the soccer, football and all the activities his children were involved with and worked hard to provide for his family. The stories the children would tell us about the Adventures always brought smiles to our faces.

    From Matt reciting an episode of The Simpsons, something he found really humorous from South Park, to explaining what the name of some obscure plant or animal, its cell structure that he learned in high school, never ceased to amaze us.

    Matt, the husband, the dad of three wonderful children, grandson, son and brother, nephew, in-law, the friend of so many, will surely be missed.

    May the sadness in our hearts we feel today, be filled with so many memories of the joy and happiness he leaves with each and every one of us.

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