Kellie LouAnn Peterson

kellie peterson

Kellie LouAnn Peterson was born April 12, 1980 in Denver, Colorado. She lived in Englewood, Colorado, where many generations of family have. She died May 22, 2020 in Denver, Colorado, due to organ failure caused by years of worsening complications of Lupus.


She is survived by her husband Roger Peterson, son Christian Montoya, mother Chris Duke, step-dad Kelly Duke, brother Jason Montoya, his children Jaylee and Johnny, brother Thomas Sullivan, wife Chalora and daughter Brook. As well as many other members of family, and friends.


Kellie always had a loving and giving heart. She loved her alone time, to read, write down her thoughts, make to-do lists and listen to music. When friends and family were able to hang out or celebrate though, Kellie was always happy to give of her time and talents. She loved to cook and work on all kinds of crafts, being a giver throughout an event, then giving again to clean like crazy afterward.


Kellie’s devotion to her family and friends made it easy to love her back. Kellie loved to take care of her little brother Tom and was there for him through many trials of growing up. Kellie wanted to play sports at school like her big brother Jason, but had to settle for rough housing with him at home.


Kellie was diagnosed with Lupus very early in 2004, she was only 23 years old, and it was very hard for her to accept. The illness slowly took away more and more of what Kellie loved to be able to do. Doctors visits, medications and hospital stays became a predominant part of her life, but she stayed strong, stronger than many others could even imagine.


Kellie loved her family and friends very much, and that love helped her have strength to keep going. Kellie especially loved her only child, Christian, with everything she had. Kellie wanted to see him grow up and make sure that he was going to be okay. Now that Christian is 22, graduated from high school and is working at a hospital, Kellie was able to see him become a man.


Kellie was supported in so many ways through close family and friends. Kellie’s mother Chris and her husband Kelly were able to help provide a loving home. They helped provide Kellie with plenty of space for all her needs and a big van for the wheelchair to get her where she needed to go.


Kellie met Roger, who became her husband, when they worked at a factory called Norgren, she was 22. They loved each other very much and Roger was constantly by her side through the rest of Kellie’s happiest moments and most difficult struggles. Roger became Kellie’s caregiver near the end of her life and they loved listening to music, podcasts and audiobooks together.


Kellie never lost her loving, caring and giving spirit. Kellie was even a good friend to the medical staff she became so acquainted with. Many of the hospital staff would frequently say how much they loved spending time with Kellie when she had a hospital room, not just because Kellie liked it to be so cool in there, all the time, but because Kellie was so kind hearted and funny.


Kellie passed away on May 22nd, 2020. It was a beautiful afternoon that day, when Kellie was finally able to give up her fight and found peace. Kellie was in the ICU at Porter Adventist Hospital after having three consecutive stays in the hospital over two months as her illness was repeatedly taking its toll. She was seen in her last moments by most of her family and friends, who will always miss her, and remember the love, kindness and strength of Kellie.


All of us who knew Kellie will always remember her kindness, her willingness to give of her time, her sense of humor, and her love of family and friends. Kellie will forever be missed and never forgotten. I hope that as we carry on living, we too may find the strength to keep our heads up in difficult times, to cherish every moment we have with others and to love them as our time together may be short, as Kellie did.

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