Kathleen Anne Smith

kathleen smith

  Kathleen (Katie) Anne Smith was born on May 10, 1995 at Porter Hospital.  She was a beautiful baby girl with brown eyes that everyone loved with her blond hair.  She was an easy going child.  Once she was able to move on her own, she only had one speed – as fast as she could.  Whether it was crawling or running in her walker, she had to get where she was going as fast as she could.  She was also the same with talking, as soon as she could start making sounds and then forming words, she was talking as fast as she could.  And she was also being bossy and telling people what to do.  She named her grandmother “Mammy”, her grandfather “Bubba” and her aunt “Auntie” – names that many friends call them by to this day.  She lived with her grandparents and her aunt for most of her life.  She had many of her mother’s characteristics, but also as she spent time with her grandparents and aunt, she took on many of their characteristics.  She went to Englewood Schools for her education: ECE, Clayton Elementary, Englewood Leadership Academy and Colorado’s Finest Alternative High School. 


She loved to do many things: knit, crochet, cooking and traveling.  She was an adventurous cook – she loved to make up her own concoctions and many were spicy, so she would be the only one to eat them.  She loved to travel and was so easy to take on a trip, even at a young age.  Whether it was a day trip to the mountains or a trip to Montana to visit relatives, she loved to ride along in the car.  Some of the most memorable trips were to Montana with Mammy & Bubba, going to Gunnison with her Auntie and her aunt’s boyfriend, and to California for her Auntie’s 10 year college reunion.  She also loved every kind of music.  Many people would comment on her collection of music on her iPod.  It had everything from classic country to current country to classical to classic rock and hard rock to heavy metal.  No matter what song it was, she had to listen to it loud.


She also loved her friends and family.  One of the happiest days of her life was when her younger brother, Joey, was born.  She had neighbors and friends with siblings that she wanted one so bad.  She loved to do anything she could with him and he loved to play with his “Sassy”.  The tomboy in Katie loved to play video games and rough house with Joey.


There were also several neighbors that were around her age that she grew up with and she thought of them as family also.  She had so many friends wherever she went.  Her smile would just make you like her.  She was extremely thoughtful and would talk to anyone.  It did not matter what the person looked like or how they acted, she would approach anyone to hear their story and do whatever she could to help them.


Katie left us on November 13, 2011.  She is survived by her grandparents, Helen & Bill, her mother, Shannon, her stepfather, Mike, her brother, Joey, her aunt, Collene, and her aunt’s boyfriend, Lyle, as well as numerous friends and family.  She was remembered at a service on November 19, 2011 at Englewood Presbyterian Church.

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  1. I want to talk to you so bad! I still wish I went up to you the first day I was at Finest. There is so much I wish I told you! SO much has been happening. Every time I go see Mammy and Bubba i keep thinking your going to be running up those stairs or coming out of your old room. I have so many memories i hold dear to me. I love you Katie!!!

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