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gretchen poplin

Where to begin and not wanting to ever end with my reminiscences and gratitude for my mother, Gretchen E. Poplin, Lakewood, Colorado who left this interim life on Earth for her eternal life in Heaven on August 9th. Daughter to Hugo and Betty Nell Buerger, sister to Georgann "Bunny" Low, Mother-in-law to Trish "Trishell" Marchetti, grandmother to Allison Nelson, Kaitlyn Nelson and Joseph Nelson, and wife of 36 years to Keith Poplin,
My life was endearingly complete with my mother in it and the reassurance that she was always there when I needed her and as I always found wondrously when I thought that I didn't.
First I believed that she would not like or welcome this announcement but I then found solace that she always loved my greeting cards that I gave to her and what I would inscribe brought her happiness. So much so that she kept each and every one on her headboard of her bed from all the years past. I realize that this succinct tribute perfects her happiness even now.
Everyone will agree that my mom was one of a kind and could dominate a room or any situation. Nevertheless, nobody would ever leave having not felt her sense of humor, been the subject of her innocent teases and colossal kindness.
From her love of dachshunds to watching her golf and practically everything in between made her that one of a kind characteristic not easily describable. She was genuinely unconventional and pushed the confines of the essence of being understood. I will not even attempt to debate her political principles on here.
My mom was an astonishing being that has unquestionably formed me as the person I am today. I am often told that I have her sense of humor, which is the quintessential accolade. I similarly hope to also be compared to many of her other qualities and to eternally honor her and persist to make her delighted as I felt I sometimes fell short with.
I will end this honor to her as I ended all of my birthday and mother's day cards with a simple but honest message; "Thank you mom for all that you have done for me and Trish and the support that you have always given. I appreciate everything you do and for always being there" Love, Christopher. (It wasn't too long ago that I gave her a card that I had not fully read through that said "From your daughter". We always got a laugh out of that one.) I love you Mom!
Words from her sister Georgann "Bunny" Low;
For Gretchen:
These are some of the memories that have flowed into my consciousness since my sister's passing. I am filled with love and gratitude for this soul who shared with me her highly developed and irresistible imagination and sense of humor. For instance, when we were kids she told me stories of the haunted house at the end of our block in such gruesome detail that she ended up having to find an alternate route to school to avoid walking past it. The same happened with the lion she imagined hiding in the shadows of our bedroom at night. I was scared but she became so terrified by her own stories that she had to go get our dad to save us. Life was always exciting with her. I felt safe with my big sister. She also told me tales of little dogs who dressed in people clothes and lived in a trailer and traveled the countryside. I remember her sweet side, her love of humanity. Her beautiful heart went to people of all shapes, sizes and colors whenever she saw that they were suffering. She inherited our mother's compassion. And when my first son was born she held him with such love and tenderness and brought donuts to celebrate. All three of my children adored their Auntie!
My sister is still present to me. I think of her often and laugh with her and feel her lightness now that her own suffering has ended. She is welcome in my life.

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