Emma Marie Robertson

emma robertson

Emma Robertson was born on September 15, 1914, to Montana farmers who had emigrated from the Netherlands.  By the time Emma had reached the age of 8, the family had moved to Wyoming and then to Pawnee City, Nebraska.  There Emma walked two miles to school from the family farm, and in summer helped her siblings hoe weeds out of the corn fields.  

Having a desire to live closer to her Iowa cousins, Emma moved there in 1938 and remaining in the agricultural business, worked first at a large-scale corn producer, and then in an overall factory in Oskaloosa, Iowa. 

Working in the cutting room of the overall factory was Floyd Robertson, and before long he made his way into the sewing room where Emma worked.  He was immediately struck by her sweet smile.

The two met, married and had four children, all boys, two of them twins.  When the twins began school, Emma attended Beauty School and became a beauty operator.

In 1956 the family moved to Denver to find a solution for Floyd's asthma.  He worked as an Assessor for Arapahoe County, and Emma continued working as a hairdresser, even after her husband passed away in 1987.  Sadly, Emma has also experienced the passing of both of her two older sons.

After her husband's death, Emma remained in her condo for a time, and then moved in to the Aspens in July of 2010.  In June 2018, she moved into Assisted Living.

Emma was one of Clermont Park's seven centenarians, celebrating her 104th birthday in September 2018.  She passed peacefully on January 15th at 1:00 AM.

Visitation will be Friday, January 25, 2019 from 3:00 - 5:00 PM at Bullock Colonial Chapel.  Funeral services will be held on Saturday January 26, 2019 at 10:00 AM, also at the mortuary.  Burial to follow at Chapel Hill Cemetery.


Family and friends are encouraged to share memories and/or photos here on Emma's obituary page.  


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  1. So many memories over the Holidays. She is at peace and may her spirit live on through her family. You're in my thoughts.

  2. The Good Lord was granted a special gift from us on earth with my 104-year-old mother.  God really gave us her; however, I'm being selfish and being human.  I thank God every day that he granted us her presence for as long as he did.  She was a wonderful person, wife, mother and friend.  She was the strongest, caring, consoling, loving, fun, sincere, fish loving Christian woman a son would ever dream of having.  She also suggested many many times that my family and I should attend church more often than we had done. What a woman.
    Thank you Lord God for sharing this wonderful person with us.  There is no doubt in my mind that she received her wings the morning she passed from Jesus himself.  
    I'm often told that I sometimes act like my mother, but I'm not totally sure that's a bad thing.  She outlived 2 of her sons (my older brothers), all of her siblings except for her brother Hank.  This hurt her deeply – she perservered.  She broke her back, right arm in 2 places, numerous bouts with pneumonia, and broke her right leg, which ultimately led to her demise.  
    Through all of this she never complained of the pain that she had to be experiencing.  She continued to play Dominos and Bingo and socializing but upset that she could not WII Bowl anymore.  
    My mother often asked me why she was living this long.  I told her God had a purpose.  I had no clue, no answer as her husband, sisters, brothers, sons and friends had all passed away.
    Now after her death I know – because she touched so many peoples lives, people around her, care givers, people that knew her and people she met I would like to believe that god kept her on earth for this long because he thought she was such an inpiration to everyone she met that no matter how little the contact it would  be a positive one in their lives.  I was told this time and time again by those that had met her.
    Some of you heard me talking about the way she would come over and weed the garden that we plant.  She would continue to tell me "You have to get rid of the weeds to produce good veggies" – Maybe that's why recently I cannot get my veggies to grow.  I hate to weed the garden.  She put me to shame.  Incredible!!  I couldn't keep up with her.
    Please for give me for rambling but remember I'm talking about my 104-year-old mother.  
    Two more stories  –
    She told me about a time in her young life that her sister and her were asked to watch over the neighbors farm while they were away.  She said of course and hoped to make a little money doing so.  They were taking care of the farm for a few days and one day they were feeding a bunch of chickens and started getting hungry.  The chickens began to look very appetizing.  I'm not sure how much thought was put into this but they ended up butchering a chicken and cooked it.  They ate the whole thing.  
    Another was much later in life not understanding computers and modern technology.  We were watching a Bronco game and a commercial came on.  It was about a little lizard that was walking upright.  She said to me that she could not believe that they had taught a lizard to talk.
    What a life – I love you Momma. You will be missed.

  3. As a Friend
    Emma's friendly "Smile" made you Smile & we will miss that "warm Smile" on Emma's face.
    Emma loved “Wi Bowling" with her friends!
    "The Best We Can Find in Our Travels
    is an Honest Friend."—Robert Louis Stevenson
    Although Emma lived over 100years a good life & her last senior years @ Clermont Park. In Rick Warren's book, PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE, always reminds us "Life is short" as we prepares for God's promise of our Eternal Life! Thank You, Emma, for being a friend!
    Your friends @ ClermontPark!
    God's Blessings, JackN. Wismer, Ph.D.

  4. Emma Robertson
    A Tribute to a Loving Mother & Christian Friend!
    Colossians 3:12-17…Best describes Emma: Loving,
    Gentle, Kind & compassionate Christian Woman!
    As a Christian
    Emma's faithful commitment to God, worship service in Christian Faith in Jesus & "belief' in the Bible as God's Word served as an excellent role model for Clermont Park residents.
    Emma's Christian faith was a "light" to "shine" in following Christ's "service above self' & leaving a Legacy of Love!
    Emma's beautiful "light" will "shine" in our hearts forever as we travel life's journey of Christ-centered Faith.
    As a Loving Mother
    Emma's Love of her children exemplified her commitment to living a Christian life.
    Emma provided encouragement & support for her children & friends. Thank God!

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