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delores walker

Delores Ann Walker was born September 9, 1931 in Lima, Ohio. She grew up with 3 sisters and 1 brother: Anita, Willa, Jane and Earl. After High School, she attended a school to become a secretary. She worked for a psychiatrist, as an administrative secretary, and was the first female executive level manager for a well-known Department Store in Scottsdale, Arizona. February 1977 she married Jay Walker. She retired from work to move with Jay for an employment opportunity with Hewlett Packard in Oregon. They volunteered 12 years for the American Red Cross: Dee used her organizational skills to provide inventory accounting of emergency materials and many other much needed tasks. In July 2014 Medical issues necessitated leaving Washington state to move to Colorado. She passed quietly at home at age 88 on July 6, 2020. She is survived by her husband, Jay and her son, Jim.

Dee’s favorite hobbies were searching the Arizona dessert for pottery, antique collections, Square Dancing and Ancestry research.  She loved world travel and travelled extensively throughout China, South Seas - Singapore, Bali, Costa Rica, England, Wales and Scotland.

The following letter was written one month before and given to Dee prior to leaving the health care facility for home care. In addition to the letter Jay is including a photo book of memories, with a collection of favorite places of her lifetime, you can view this album under the "Tribute Wall" tab. 


What You Mean to Me


You have inspired my life, every day, every way.

From the Cactus Inn where we first met and throughout the 43 years since.

I assume you know all this but to be sure I will try to get some of it written down for you at this time.

I hope sharing life with me has been a stabilizing feature from manager at the department store in Scottsdale and throughout the many years since.

I’ll always remember the years as square-dancing partners. Boy did we get good with the many different moves. Or times when we would jump at any opportunity just to get in the car and spend the day on the road going place to place, uncaring, sharing our day.

Then we discovered the fascinating lifestyle of visiting countries of the world. I think of the times we visited China. Our favorite place I think. Huh? I remember your thrill of a lifetime visiting the Emperor’s Army Museum Exhibit. A lifetime visit as I remember.

We wondered at the many other places but they just didn’t measure up to China.

I can’t recall any of these places without you by my side, always together. 43 years together. Working on life’s challenges.

We did well on each of our many relocations fiscally due to your home improvements. Each home sold at a significant increase.

Together, and always together. A good feeling. Throughout our lifetime.

I think of these times. Often.

Of course, a major event we participated in for over 12 years was the Red Cross in Washington state where we contributed in so many different specialties like responders, and inventories, etc.

Then, as it happens to most folks, health issues happen. I am so thankful we were there to help each other. But then isn’t that the way?

Now, as we overcome our medical challenges we can remember our good life events. The memories are always there. I will be by your side even when separated by a hospital bed. I will be there where ever we end up. I will be there to hold your hand. And say, “Don’t worry Dee, it will be alright.” Look into your eyes as though looking into your heart. Heart to heart. You know what I mean. This letter is about what our life together has meant to me.

I can only imagine the gamut of emotions that you must be going through in a hospital bed, day after day. I feel it is important for me to share my thoughts as you think about what’s next in this life journey? I just hope we will be there together. For the big “al-la-man” and “do-si-do.”

You have given to me an uplifting side of life that is hard to write down in a letter. How does one summarize such a lasting love together?

I have always admired your organizing our 800 plus DVD video collection.

I will always value our exchange of ideas, some large some not so big. We always knew about everything as a couple. I can’t imagine what the next lifetime will be like, only that we can be there for each other as in forever. Like I can’t imagine being without you. 

I have written everything I can for now. 

I love you Dee, so very much.

I wanted to take you to revisit Cactus Inn in Phoenix as a surprise, and hope I can still make that happen. Hang in there Dee we still have things to do and places to see. Together as always.

Your loving husband, Jay 


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