David James Pickart

david pickart

David James Pickart

David James Pickart, 50, passed away on July 24, 2014, in Denver, Colorado.

David was born on July 19, 1964, in Parkston, South Dakota to Phillip and Leola Pickart.  He is survived by his loving husband, James Cutter, parents Phillip and Leola; one sister, Ann Hall, and two brothers: Jon Pickart and Mark Pickart.  

To Laugh Often & Much

"To laugh often and much,

to win the respect of intelligent people

and the affection of children,

to earn the appreciation of honest critics

and endure the betrayal of false friends,

to appreciate beauty,

to find the best in others,

to leave the world a bit better,

whether by a healthy child,

a garden patch,

or a redeemed social condition;

to know even one life

has breathed easier because

you have lived.

This is to have succeeded!"

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Memories Timeline


  1. David's happiness, joy & laughter of life; an enduring inflection that brought many impact in our lives. With abundance of Happy, living life with Joyness, Laughs many to speak of, for which to only Spark and place Smiles upon our Faces.

    David so grateful to have known you– my friend; that was instrumental in all the "Good Times" shared.  You will be so missed but hasn't gone unnoticed. Thank you for imprinting a legacy of all things "David"; living life to the fullest and impacting lives amongst us.

    You will be missed my friend.

  2. My deepest condolences to David's friends and family. He always had a spring in his step, he was passionate about the skills he shared with so many people, and he lived life to the fullest. Its my honor to know you and to have worked with you my friend. You will truly be missed, but your contributions are long lasting and you will never be forgotten.

  3. Anyone who ever met David knows his presence was bigger than life. He knew how to make someone laugh, found joy in helping someone learn or was content just to lend an ear and listen. His sweet and gentle spirit will be greatly missed.  

    David, thank you for your friendship.  This world is a better place because of who you were.  I am privileged to have known you.

  4. Never met David, but know his family well and want to express my sympathy to them, it has to be hard to lose a child no matter the age. If there is anything I can do to help, Lee please let me know.

  5. David had such a commitment to teaching and helping others! He did so with grace, humor and humanity. I have fond memories of working with him at the City and County of Denver. We had many laughs and those memories have left an imprint on my heart. Jim, my heartfelt sympathy goes out to you.

  6. David was a bright ray of sunshine.  Every time we would meet, at work or elsewhere, he always had a smile and kind word.  His love for JC, his dogs and Christmas will always be what I remember about David.

  7. David, from the first time I meet you I knew you were a beautiful person.  My condolences to your husband, family and friends.  The city will never find another person to fill you shoes.  May you RIP.

  8. David, I am blessed to have known you and proud to call you my friend. We had many laughs and good times working together. Your personality and mine were wonderful when they met and the things we could talk about and plan always made me laugh.

    The city has been stricken of a wonderful person. May you rest in peace. My prayers are with your husband and family.

  9. I have worked with David for many years. He had such a kind and giving nature and could always make you smile. David helped me many times when I couldn't figure out something on the computer. He never hesitated to say "sure, come on up". David will be missed here at the City of Denver.

  10. I knew David for a total of 12 hours, because he taught a class I attended at the Denver Public Library. He was a charming and engaging trainer, and I was completely shocked when I found out he had passed away. To David's husband, family, and friends: please accept my condolences on your loss.

  11. I recently met David when he was teaching the Crucial Conversations class. What a zest for life and compassion for others he displayed! He will be missed. . .

  12. I was blessed to have participated in David's training classes and work with him on several projects that impacted DIA. David was a beautiful soul, I've never heard or seen him without a smile on his face, his laughter was contagious. I've never meant anyone with the exception of David that could make the most boring dry content engaging! You will be missed by your CCD peers and no one will fill your shoes! My prayers are with David's husband, his family and loved ones. I am sure he is watching over you all heaven has a new angel! RIP David

  13. I was so shocked to hear about David's sudden passing last week. He was always so happy and the best instructor that the City had! I loved taking his computer classes, he knew what he was talking about and passionate about it. Every time i would pass him in the hallway he would say Hi and remembered my name. He had an amazing spirit that would just make people around him smile, he will greatly missed here. Thoughts and prayers to his family, what an amazing man he was.

  14. I worked with David at the City and took several classes that he taught.  I frequently would see him in the elevator or run into him in the hallway, he was always a very positive, cheerful person and would always stop to say hello.  His positive, enthusiastic attidude will be missed.  He definitely made a difference here!

  15. I worked with David in Denver. He always had a smile on his face; I knew if I was taking one of his classes that it would be a great time. He was also one of the few people I felt I could trust when I had issues in the past and needed help with them. I feel honored to have had laughs with him and for him to be a part of my story too. Rest easy, David. You will be missed here.

  16. My deepest sympathies to Jim, his family and friends.  When I think of David I remember laughing, hard!  Celebrate a life well lived, but cut short too soon.

  17. When someone special enters your life you must grab a hold of them and make sure they know this. Life is a precious gift and those that live each day giving to others are the true “presents”. David lived his life with passion and shared his humor, his talents and his experiences so many others could benefit. His spirit will soar within us.

  18. An amazing and gentle soul. I met David through work. He left a wonderful impression on all of us here at the office. He will sorely be missed. Rest in Peace.

  19. I had a pleasure of knowing David for almost 15 years. Even though we weren't working together but there was somehow occasions that would arise and we meet. Like a standup meeting in some corner of the WEB Building we were getting to chat about the daily business. David was one of most energetic person who thoroughly loved what he was doing as a trainer and just not OHR but the city is going to miss him for a long, long time. Forever, he will be in my heart and my thought.

  20. I miss you Uncle David. Thank you both for always including me on your theme park escapades. You two gave me my love of rollercoasters. I really will miss you. I'll hold those memories close though. You were always kind and loving, and you will always be my Uncle David.

  21. I've known and worked with David on the Training and OD team for the majority of my time with the City of Denver.  We collaborated frequently and had deep mutual respect for each other.  He was intelligent and gifted in everything he did – and he always did it well.  It was a privilege to be his colleague.  His sense of humor and zest for life always won out over even the most difficult of situations – and we faced a lot of those together.  I will miss him terribly in so many ways.  His loss is profound both personally and professionally.

  22. My condolences to David's family and his many friends.  David was a wonderful person from whom I learned a lot.  I loved his great sense of humor especially his funny anecdotes from his experiences at the City.  I appreciate that he was always kind, welcoming, and generous with his time. We will miss him terribly.

  23. A shining star…a friendly smile…you made a dreaded class a whole lot of fun and made us sit up and pay attention and remember our impact on each other.  A very special man who will be missed.  Sincere condolences.

  24. David was a shining light and beautiful spirit I had the pleasure of knowing for many years.  He never failed to make me laugh when I would run into him on the 4th floor of the Webb Building. How I loved talking with him. His smile and personality will be greatly missed.  My condolences to his family.

  25. David will always be one of the most extraordinary individuals I ever met and worked with.  My thoughts and prayers are with his family. He will be so deeply missed from our planet.

  26. David will be missed by the many people he touched through his work and relationships. My condolences to each of you and his numerous friends.

  27. David,

    You were among the first people I met when I came to work for the City. Your quick humor and pleasant attitude help lay a wonderful foundation for me as a new City employee. I will miss seeing you on the balcony and as we busily make our way to our meetings. You will be missed, my friend. From one educator to another, the class bell has rang to soon to let you go.

    Will miss your dearly. ♥♥♥♥

  28. I am so grateful that I had a chance to get to know David.  He was such a positive influence on everybody he met.  He will truly be missed.

  29. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to know David and work along side him.  He was funny and smart and humble. And he was a very gifted trainer. Lately I've been thinking about those times I'd tell David about something I'd done that I thought was stupid or clumsy, he'd say, “Oh, I did that just yesterday,” or “I do that all the time.” His kind words helped me feel less flawed and more human. I'd hear David do this when talking to students, too. It helped them feel safe and able to take risks in order to learn. We miss him on the team. His impact has been far-reaching and his loss is felt throughout the City and County of Denver.

  30. I will miss hearing about David's travel plans and stories the most. Namaste.

    "Death — the last voyage, the longest and the best". Thomas Wolfe

  31. I will miss my little brat so much. I was willing him to get on light rail the day after, to prove everyone  wrong.  So shocking. A great person. A great instructor. I love you my friend.

  32. My deepest sympathies to David's friends and family.  He spread such light and kindness throughout the workplace.  He will be greatly missed.

  33. Such beautiful expressions here, my only addition to such profound love for David is this.  Your soul made a difference and our beautiful Universe has one brighter star in it now.  I adored everything about you and thank you for all the gifts you brought to us!

  34. The skies opened and cried for days for such a beloved soul. Always smiling and happy, pumping everyone up. He was there for everyone in spirit and skill. Such a trainer you were and still are David; a trainer in humanity and life.

    Rest and be peaceful. Soar higher than this earth let you. May the rest of us remember and carry your spirit forth. Loved you, always will, and you are deeply missed.

  35. We were so sorry to hear that David had passed away.  For many years myself and the staff had attended courses with David.  He was kind, funny, and always upbeat!  He will be missed by so many at the City and County of Denver.  I will be unable to attend the City celebration of life at the Webb building but he will be in my mind.  My sympathies to his family and friends.  

    Michelle Weiss-Samaras

  36. I met David for the first time 2 1/2 years ago. I was in his class with the City and County of Denver. We knew right away by the look at each other, oh this was going to be fun! I continued to have a working relationship and he helped bailed me out on a few programs I was just learning, I will never forget his dedication to helping one succeed. David had a heart of gold and I had the privilege of knowing him and learning as much as I can. Those shoes are going to have to be framed because there to big to fill. My deepest sympathy goes out to his loved one and my prayers will be with you in this truly sadden day.

  37. I will miss David calling me "Miss Cooper" whenever we would see each other walking in the halls of the Webb Bldg. It is important how you leave a person's presence. Because you never know when it will be the last time. This was the case with David and I on 7-11-14. We shared a laugh like we always did. And for that I am glad.

  38. David, you were an amazing person and one of the most enjoyable to listen and speak to. You welcomed me into my career with the city and after meeting in one of your classes you continued to tell me hello and ask how I'm doing. I can't express how much I thank you for being so welcoming and continuing to brighten my day every time I saw you. My condolences go out to your husband and family and may you all find peace in knowing how highly many thought of David and will cherish our fond memories of his personality and smile.

  39. David and I have the same birthday, I thank you for the phone call every year, I will truly miss that next year.  David and I met in around 2000 while sharing a love for animals.  Three ducklings had fallen through a storm grate in 14th Ave, momma duck was squawking, and it was rush hour.  David stopped to help, two denver police officers lifted the storm grate, and we lifted the ducklings out.  David and I walked momma and babies through rush hour traffic, down 14th Ave to Speer, stopping cars on Speer long enough for the family to make to to the water.  I knew that day that there was a place in heaven for you, and I also knew that you would be someone I called my friend forever.  Until we meet again my friend, I will miss you!

  40. David was my favorite trainer.  His incredable sence of humor made City training classes enjoyable.  He was REALLY helpful and always offered his phone number if you needed more asistance. I share your sadness.

    My condolences to his family and friends.

    Sincerely, Carol Rodriguez (Denver Parks and Recreation)

  41. I met David in 2007 when I was hired by the City.  We became friends in part due to my past as a Flight Attendant and David's love of travel.  I miss him as I pass though the 4th floor to and from the outdoor deck. He was always so alive and enjoyed his home and work life!  You are very missed my friend!

  42. The City of Denver has lost a exemplary team member.  His enthusiasm, patience and love of life was infectious and inspiring, and he will truly be missed.  My sincere condolences to his family and friends.

  43. David's family and Jim you are in my prayers and thoughts during these difficult days.  May God grant you comfort, peace and strength.  God blesses those who mourn for they will be comforted.  I will always remember David as a true, beautiful, respectful, kind and caring friend of mine.  He will be truly missed in my life but never forgotten,  David I am trusting you are resting in peace.

  44. My condolences to David's family and friends. David was such a positive ray of sunshine here at the City and County of Denver. He always had a happy smile to share, a wish for a good morning and time to support others with any HR questions or training needs. He will be missed so much!

  45. I only knew David for about six months when we lived in the same student residence in Oldenburg, Germany in 1985.

    I remember David as being a really lovely young man. We shared some great times together and had lots and lots of laughs! I have some great memories of that six months. We spent a week in the divided Berlin. We went to the Berlin Philharmonic together. He called me Tante Turner. We cycled. We drank fruit teas. We went to an Irish pub. We cooked and ate together. I cut David's hair. We ate M&Ms shipped over by David's parents.

    RIP David


  46. May the road rise up to meet you.

    May the wind be always at your back.

    May the sun shine warm upon your face;

    the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,

    may God hold you in the palm of His hand.traditional gaelic blessing

    My dearest David, I will forever be your greetest fan! With love and prayers, Evon

  47. I'm sick about Dave passing. We were best friends in college.  He was my roommate in the dorms one year. We spent so many hours laughing together.  So many shared memories.  I'm still in disbelief.  I feel for all of his family and friends for their loss.

  48. I also was a classmate of David's and lost track of him right after Graduation.  I tried to reconnect to keep him up to date with the other classmates and reunions but was unable to.  I hope that he was able to complete all of his dreams and goals.  David had a smile that stretched a mile and was willing to help no matter what.  We will miss you, and those that had you in their lives will miss you as well.  May the love of God, family and friends help everyone through the difficult days ahead.  Rest in Peace David.

  49. I was a high school classmate of David's and lost touch with him immediately after graduation. I thought of him often over the years and hoped that he had found happiness. I am so relieved when I read the many condolences that offer a glimpse of the man that he became–to find that it appears he did. And I am also so sad that I never was able to reconnect with him.

  50. My condolences go out to the Pickart family.  I knew David since kindergarten and also lost touch over the years.  I always remembered him to be such a kind soul.

  51. My condolences to the family.  We were high school classmates but lost contact after graduation. I thought of him and even asked about him at our class reunions.  I was glad to see how many good friends he has and he had a wonderful life.  Our prayers to his husband, family and friends.

  52. My heart goes out to all who loved David.   I have not seen him for many years, but thought of him and wondered how he was and hoped he was happy.   From the sounds of all the condolences, he was loved, gave love back and lived a happy life.   May God surround you all with his love and comfort you through this time.   So sorry for your loss.

  53. Over the past few weeks, I have tried to call David to ask him an HR related question and when he didn't answer I left him a message asking him to call me back.  This week I received a call back from one of his co-workers and was completely shocked and saddened to learn of his sudden passing.  Like many others who have taken classes with David, I, too, enjoyed learning from him.  He had such a wonderful way of making people feel important and valued.  I will miss talking to him over the phone and taking his classes.

    My sincerest condolences for your loss, James, and for David's parents and siblings.  May you find comfort in knowing that your beloved David had such a positive impact on so many people.  

    Love and light…

  54. David,

    wir haben uns ein paar mal in Deutschland getroffen und so spreche ich auch Deutsch mit Dir. Die Sprache, die Du so fließend beherscht.

    Wir hatten hier, im Land Deiner Vorfahren, einige Funny Times zusammen. In Kneipen mit Weißbier, im Fußballstadion von Borussia Dortmund und bei der Oma. Ich denke immer noch gerne daran zurück. Und manchmal erzähle ich noch den Leuten von Deinem Besuch. Tja, in irgendeiner Form waren wir verwandt. Ich glaube, meine Oma war Deine Großtante. Schade, dass wir uns nun nicht mehr treffen können.

    Die freundlichsten Grüße, Thilo

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